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  • Can Your Voice Defy Gravity?

    Have you ever watched yourself be pulled down by heavy emotions? Your voice is stuck in your throat and your heart is heavy. Drowning in a swamp of crocodile tears, your intuition tells you to find your favorite song and play it. Fast. You do and something shifts. You hum to the tune. The weight begins to shift. You are breathing deeper and start smiling. Your spirit lifts and you go to work. You [...]

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    There is a movement happening right now. It is the movement of conscious storytelling. Connecting? Isn't that what it's all about? Whether we are connecting back to ourselves or to our close network of friends, we adore the feeling of being connected; it is a deeply satisfying experience.  THE GREATEST CONNECTIONS HAPPEN THROUGH GOOD STORYTELLING! Now, storytelling has been around since ages.[...]

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    7 Habits to Activate and Heal Your Throat Chakra

    The throat Chakra, also called the Vishuddha Chakra or 5th chakra, is a gateway between our inner and outer worlds. Located directly above our heart, it is the first of the spiritual Chakras on the "Chakra ladder."  The treasure held within the throat Chakra is the energy to seek truth beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond the limitations of cultural or familial [...]

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    The TAO of RAP

    Chant is a living art. It has been around for centuries. Music has a pulse, a pace and a pattern. So do words. We are fond of words, for word is bond. We are bonded together through our words. Linked to each other through our shared stories. Everything that lives has a pulse, a pace and a pattern to be found. When we rap and chant, we take our thumping heartbeat and the sound of our footsteps and [...]

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    VOICE YOGA –  A Path To Sound Mind and Sound Body

    Voice Yoga is a path to self-realization based on what some of the today's most celebrated physicists know as truth. Consciousness is the fundamental ground of all being and all being is vibration. Voice is an immediate way to raise our frequency and attract into our lives what we need to thrive. while applying the principles of Yoga - an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development [...]

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    How to Create A Successful Anthem Using WE POWER

    Music can make a statement, give voice to a movement, and has the power to unite us. Good lyrics pull us into a song. Strong imagery, well crafted words speak to us. Most songs are written in the "I" form and are written for one single person. The lover. The friend. Me to You. Examples of famous songs that follow this rule are "When I Fall in Love," written by Victor Young and Edward Heyman or"I[...]

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    How To Find Your Note In A Sea Of Sound

        We swim in a wondrous sea of sound waves, light waves and invisible electromagnetic energy; pulsating beauty. Dive into the mystery of sound and discover how your unique frequency influences your health, your relationships, your well being and has a powerful impact on our world. Voice your essence, and everything falls magically into place. We are sound, we are light, and we are [...]

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    The Beauty Of A Cracked And Broken Voice

    We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That's what connects us--that we're all broken, all beautifully imperfect.Inspired by Kintsugi the Japanese tradition and art of repairing broken ceramics by using gold to mend, I commence on a 3 part series on the cracked and broken voice. It is a complex subject. The Japanese believe   When something has suffered and has history it becomes more [...]

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    Is Unconditional  Love Real The True Story Behind My Song Thank You

    When you leave family far behind, you begin to understand the word distance. You stop taking things for granted and learn to walk with open eyes accompanied by many memories. Thank You becomes a daily practice. The path can be very lonely and very enriching. Yes, it is both. When I moved to Europe from America, it was in 1985, I landed in West-Berlin. At that time the city was still locked in by [...]

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    How To Create a Writing Space You Will Love

    Artists are intuitive people and work from the inside out. That is why, when you are setting up your writing space, you need to do it from the inside out. There are writers that write in bed or at the kitchen table. There are writers that have a little nook in the bedroom, and there are writers that work in a writer's shed. Many ways to approach it. Yet most experts agree, having a dedicated [...]

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