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  • Voicing Grief Live Stream

    On today's live stream. we talk about the importance of voicing grief. What happens to our voice when we experience deep loss? How can we support the grieving process? Why do we often lose our voice? How can we get it back and support our healing process?  Each week Thursday thousands of seekers and voice lovers gather on Facebook to discover more about VOICE.   Bring your questions and [...]

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    Voice Compassion and Build Community

    Which voice tools can we use to voice our compassion and build community? On this week global live stream, I guide you through communal songwriting exercise which focuses exactly on using voice as a catalyst for healing. Together, our voices join as one as we.send caring intent to all people on earth who are going through arduous times.     As we honor the grief, fear, sadness, the[...]

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    Center Your Tones While Speaking and Singing

    This week learn the art to centering your tone while speaking and singing. What is magical about it, is that once you get the knack of aligning TONE directly over your heart, you will begin to relax. Your body will feel balanced. Stage fright and nervousness will dissipate.  On this week's live stream I share with you an easy exercise to help you to center your tones.   Each and [...]

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    Get Big Fat Juicy Tones and Add Richness <br>to Your Voice

    On today's live stream I share with you how to access big fat juicy  LOW TONES. LOW tones add richness to our speaking and singing voice. LOW tones bring in a quality of depth. They add weight to our words. Low tones allow us to explore genres like the blues, soul, chants, and chanson. Also each and every week we open our time together with song and then go into a VOICE Q & A. This week's[...]

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    Create A Vision Board and Get Clear<br> With Your Life’s Message

    As many of you know, each and every Thursday I do a Facebook live stream for our growing global community. I love connecting with you guys and exploring with you voice, songwriting, healing and answer some of your questions Today's Topic: How to CREATE A VISION BOARD and GET CLEAR with your LIFE'S MESSAGE. I have visioned boarded for a couple years and this one change to the normal [...]

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    WE HAVE A CHOICE featured on <br>Women of Substance Radio

    WOO HOO!  Women of Substance Radio and Podcast is featuring my song WE HAVE A CHOICE this week! Tune in and enjoy 60 minutes of music from top female singer-songwriters and be sure to subscribe to the podcast leave a comment over at Itunes so that the female music community continues to thrive. Music by Mahogany Dannie, Brenda Burch, Charity Ann, Betty Jo Rockwell, Carol and Ed Nicodemi, [...]

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    How to Carry a Tone Live Stream  Q & A

    Thanks so much for all your questions on Voice. It is beautiful to connect with you each Thursday. I am amazed to see our community grow from Colorado to Missouri to Ireland and Athens. Very INSPIRING. This past week we were 6000 voices raising the vibes of planet earth and supporting each other to VOICE ESSENCE. I was particularly moved by Cassandra's question,  "How can I bring more LOVE [...]

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    I Honor My Voice Meditation at iTunes

    Woo Hoo - the I Honor My Voice Guided Meditation is now available at iTunes. Go get yourself a personal copy and let me know how the practice supports you to bring your voice and message out into our world.  Fabrizio and I are always thrilled to hear from you! Let us know how the meditations are helping you connect with deeper layers of your voice. Share with us and the community by leaving[...]

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    I Honor My Voice Album Release

    WOO HOO! Enjoy yet another magical guided meditation and deepen your voice practice. Let me guide you to a place of high-frequency healing and resonance. Experience attunement with ease.  The result is more courage to express your true authentic being. Listen daily and melt stage fright and any beliefs that may be holding you back.  Live passionately your full potential. Music by [...]

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    Moon in Capricorn Production Continues

    Our Moon in Capricorn Production is in its final days of recording. Tommaso Vivalid joined orchestrator Fabrizio Pigliucci this week in Italy to lay down the saxophone track on RIVER. Make sure you follow him over on You Tune. Tomasso Vivaldi You Tube Channel So that you get a taste of his playing, I added Night in Tunesia for you. Absolutely thrilled to have RIVER be given the [...]

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