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  • Kara Johnstad / Singer-Songwriter

  • Singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad performing Thank You off of her Paths X album. Words and Music Kara Johnstad

  • Inspired by the music of singer / songwriter Kara Johnstad. May the power of beauty and love always persevere.

  • Carouselled is off of the Paths X Album available at itunes amazon and cdbaby. 

  • A MESSAGE OF HOPE - Kara Johnstad

    A beacon of Light in these dark times. An Anthem. A Hymn. Words Kara Johnstad. Music Fabrizio Pigliucci. With the Concertissimo Orchestra in Rome. Cover Design Linda Gavin.

  • LOVE NEVER FAILS - Kara Johnstad

    Based on St. Paul's universal prayer, 1 Corinthians 13:4 singer -- songwriter Kara Johnstad's new single LOVE NEVER FAILS celebrates the power of everlasting love. Recorded in Rome, with the Concertissimo Orchestra, music arranged, orchestrated and conducted by Fabrizio Pigliucci. Video created by Sergio Praus. Traveling at the speed of love.


    Singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad performing Different Planes of off the PATHS X album. Words and Music Kara Johnstad

  • Kara Johnstad - singer / songwriter and founder of Voice Your Essence™ wrote Hurting Place for a dear friend who had such a painful experience that he had deeply withdrawn from the world and at the same time was reaching out in the only way he knew how. Off of her Paths X Album. Available at itunes, amazon and CD Baby.

  • Music and lyrics by singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad. Tantric journeys with the beloved. May the power of beauty and love always prevail.

  • Written on the steps to Sacre Couer in Paris, France. A song inspired by the abundance that abounds. Open Up and Receive is off of Kara Johnstad's Paths X Album. Available at itunes, amazon. Traveling at the speed of love. Words and Music Kara Johnstad

  • Silence Is the Journey - Kara Johnstad
    words and music Kara Johnstad
    "Sipping poems and leaning into prayers.
    Silence is the journey. We are lucky when we have taught it how to sing. This song is about faith, trust, love and hope.

  • A short Video for Kara the Kite. Long may you fly between Layers.

  • Kara Johnstad - Singer - songwriter, opens her journals to the world: the Naked Thoughts series. "the purity of unbridled vocal power, the simplicity of a grand piano and the poetry that poured through during a deep transformational awakening...the story that brought her back home. The awakening.